Who sees me on Tinder?

When you are using Tinder, your profile can be seen by other users who match the age-range, gender and location preferences that you have set up in your account. However, your specific location is not visible to others unless you manually share it with them.

Who can see my Tinder profile?

By default, your Tinder profile can be viewed by any other user of the app within your chosen search parameters. However, if you have adjusted your settings to only allow certain users or groups of users to view your profile, then only they will be able to see it.

Can people see when I view their profile on Tinder?

No, regular Tinder users cannot see who has viewed their profile. However, if you have a Tinder Gold or Tinder Plus subscription, you can see who has already liked your profile through the “Likes You” feature.

How do you know if someone has viewed your profile on Tinder?

Tinder does not notify you if someone has viewed your profile. The app is designed to protect user privacy, so the only way to know if someone is interested in you is if they swipe right on your profile and you match with them.

Does swiping right or left affect who sees my Tinder profile?

No, swiping right or left on other people’s profiles does not affect who sees your profile on Tinder. However, the more active you are on the app and the more information you provide in your profile, the higher your chances of being seen by other users.

Can people outside of my preferred distance range see me on Tinder?

No, people outside your preferred distance range can’t see you on Tinder. Tinder only shows profiles to users that fall within their selected distance range.

Will Facebook friends be able to see that I’m using Tinder?

No, your Facebook friends will not be able to see that you are using Tinder. The app operates independently from your Facebook account, and it doesn’t post any activity on Facebook unless you explicitly share something.

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