What is TBD in dating?

TBD in dating stands for “to be determined”. It’s often used when the details of a future date or activity are uncertain or not yet finalized.

What does TBD stand for in dating?

TBD stands for “To Be Determined” in dating. It means that plans or details of a date have not yet been decided and will be determined later on.

Why is TBD used in dating?

TBD stands for “To Be Determined” and it’s often used in dating to indicate that a plan or date has not yet been confirmed or arranged. It allows both parties to keep their options open until they finalise the details of a potential date.

How is TBD typically used in a dating context?

TBD is an abbreviation for “To Be Decided” or “To Be Determined”. In a dating context, TBD can be used to indicate that the details of a date or event have not yet been finalized and are still being determined. It could also mean that a person is undecided about meeting someone for a date, and they need more time to make up their mind.

Is using TBD common in modern dating language?

Yes, using TBD (To Be Determined) is a common term used in modern dating language. It often refers to plans that have not yet been finalized or decisions that have yet to be made about the future of the relationship between two people.

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