What is Paperclipping in dating?

Paperclipping is a dating term that refers to when someone you’ve been in contact with suddenly resurfaces by liking or commenting on one of your social media posts, ignoring the fact that they previously left things unresolved between you. It can be frustrating for those involved because it feels like the other person is attempting to reach out without actually following through on any substantial communication.

What does the term “paperclipping” mean?

In the context of online dating, “paperclipping” is when a person who has ghosted (suddenly stopped responding to messages) someone reconnects with them by sending a friendly message or social media interaction, often leaving the other person feeling confused and frustrated.

How is paperclipping related to dating?

In the context of dating, paperclipping refers to when someone who ghosted (disappeared on) their romantic interest suddenly reappears and tries to reconnect with them as if nothing happened. The term comes from the idea of a paperclip being used to hold things together, in this case, holding onto a connection that was previously broken.

Why is paperclipping considered negative in the context of dating?

Paperclipping in dating refers to when someone abruptly ghosts their romantic partner or ends communication, only to reappear later on without any explanation or apology as if nothing happened. It is considered negative because it can lead to confusion and hurt feelings for the person who was left hanging. It also shows a lack of respect and consideration for the other person’s emotions and expectations, which can be detrimental to building a healthy relationship.

What are some examples of paperclipping in dating scenarios?

Paperclipping in dating scenarios can refer to a situation where someone that you went on a date with suddenly ghosts you, then resurfaces weeks or months later as though nothing happened. They might send a message asking how you’re doing or even ask to hang out again, without acknowledging the fact that they disappeared before. Another example of paperclipping can be when someone repeatedly dips in and out of your life via text, social media or dating apps without actually committing to plans or making an effort to meet up in person.

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