Do inactive Tinder matches disappear?

Inactive matches do not disappear, but if someone deletes their Tinder account or unmatched with you, then they will disappear from your match list.

How long does Tinder keep inactive matches?

According to Tinder’s official website, there is no time limit for how long a match can stay inactive. However, matches may disappear if one or both users delete their accounts, unmatch each other, or if they violate Tinder’s terms of service.

Does Tinder delete inactive users?

Yes, Tinder may delete inactive users. According to their terms of service, if you don’t use your account for an extended period of time, Tinder reserves the right to terminate or suspend your account. However, they do not specify the exact amount of time it takes for an account to be deemed inactive and deleted.

Can you still message an inactive match on Tinder?

No, you cannot message an inactive match on Tinder. Inactive matches are usually those who have deleted their accounts or unmatched you.

What happens to matches you don’t talk to on Tinder?

If you swipe left on someone’s profile, you won’t match with them and their profile will disappear from your list of potential matches. If someone else swipes left on your profile, the same thing will happen in reverse. So, a match only occurs when two people both swipe right on each other’s profiles. As for what happens to those unmatched profiles after they disappear from your feed, I don’t know.

When do expired matches disappear on Tinder?

Expired matches on Tinder disappear immediately after they expire. The exact expiration time of a match can vary depending on factors such as the user’s location and activity level, but generally expires 24 hours after being matched.

Is there a way to find deleted or unmatched profiles on Tinder?

No, there is no way to find deleted or unmatched profiles on Tinder as they are removed from the app’s database once deleted or unmatched.

Why do some matches disappear on Tinder?

Matches can disappear on Tinder for various reasons, such as if the user unmatched with you or deleted their account, if there was a technical issue with the app, or if their account was banned by Tinder.

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